Make a top priority out of changing your wet room drain

Make a top priority out of changing your wet room drain

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Make a top priority out of changing your wet-room gully drains systems if you are moving to a new home or if you are renovating. Even if it doesn’t seem so important, the drainage system in your wet room is the one who decides how your day begins and ends. Whether it is the morning shower, just before going to work, whether it is the evening bath, just before going to bed, a faulty drainage system will ruin these two for you. And nobody wants that.

There are three alternatives from which you can choose when replacing the old drain system. The first one is the ready-made shower room floor – but, this is of an obsolete design in a modern household (they are actually floors just for the shower cabin, with traditional point drains incorporated). The second alternative is the traditional point drain, which can be found in most of the households. These wet room drains were very successful until most recently, when technology has brought us the best on the market.

And the best on the market is represented by the channel or linear drains. These are long and narrow profiles which collect the water on a larger area before it actually reaches the collecting pipe. There are quite a few advantages to this design and the first that should be mentioned is that the risk of clogging is greatly reduced.

Because the channel drain collects the impurities and not the drain pipe, the clogging rarely happens. This type of drain is low maintenance also, since you just have to wipe the impurities with a piece of cloth from time to time. For this reason also, the linear drains are the perfect solution for larger families with small children.

There is also another advantage which comes with this design – these drains are also easier to install, when compared to the alternative. For a traditional drain you had to have a concentric tilt of the wet room floor towards the drain, which was usually placed in the middle of the room. Besides looking anaesthetic, this also increased the risk of infiltration (which would have brought several other problems with it).

The new and improved wet room drains are placed beside one of the walls, thus being much easier to install – because of their shape, you don’t have to measure a concentric inclination. A small tilt towards the drain is all that it is needed. For the same reason, the risk of infiltration is also reduced.

While we can personalize for you any type of drain system, the linear one is the one which supports the most possibilities. So if you want to add a bit of personality to your new drainage system, maybe you should do that.

In any case, no matter what decision you take, you can find everything needed with us – from the drain itself to the tools and materials needed to change it, you only have to visit a single retailer. So if you already decided, pay us a small visit. More info…

If you are still second guessing, give us a call and our teams of technicians will gladly point you in the right direction. Change your faulty and obsolete wet room drains with newer models and bypass all the problems!


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