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There is no feeling like the one when you are enjoying a nice open road, with nothing that could stop you from reaching the horizon. Auto Augusta comes in your help, to make this dream achievable. Safety comes first with us and our professional mechanics – so come and let us change your worn-out tires, at the best prices found in Bucharest.

We commercialize and we change tires of any model and size, from the small family car to the heavy machineries. We have new or reconditioned tires, depending on your budget. Nonetheless, we can say that the best choice to be made is for a new set, with the Nokian tires being both affordable and reliable. With the low price of 20 RON (roughly €4,5 or $5) for every change, it is a shame not to take advantage of our special agusta

But Auto Augusta isn’t just about changing the tired tires. Come to us if you also need to change the tires for the cold or the hot season. In Romania, the threshold temperature which signals that you need to change the tires is 7°C (44,6°F). By coming to us, you can be certain that there won’t be any problems with your new season tires.

We also change the rims, if needed.

For your winter tires to last as much as possible, they shouldn’t be used during the hot season. Being specially designed for slippery roads, they become worn out much easier when used on clear roads. And this leads to a lower adherence, which could possibly lead to serious problems.

Also, if you come to us with your own cold season tires, it’d be best to know how they were stored during the summer. In this way, we can say that one shouldn’t trust winter tires which were kept in hot or wet environments, or if they were kept one on top of each other. Safety is the one that should matter to you too – so, if you believe that you haven’t stored your tires properly, then you should consider making a new purchase.

Auto Augusta offers some other types of services as well, besides the changing of the tires or the curing. For example, appeal to a professional mechanic’s help if you need to change the auto Freon. In here, you can have the tire balance checked or you can regulate the geometry of the wheels – both of which can prolong the life of the tires.

So drive safe, especially now, when the cold season is upon us. Come and have your car checked at our auto service and find out what needs to be changed. Replace your summer tires with winter ones or buy new ones altogether.

With the lowest prices when it comes to changing your tires, there is no reason why you shouldn’t put the safety of yourself and your family on the first place. And then there is also the other side of the coin – enjoy driving just like driving should be.

Where do you change your tires? Come to Auto Augusta and you will also recommend our services.